170 to 1,200 Visitors in 85 Days: An SEO Case Study

We helped a client’s service-based website increase daily organic visitors from 170 to over 1,200 in just 85 days. By optimizing on-page elements, building high-quality backlinks, leveraging keyword research, and executing technical fixes, we were able to boost traffic nearly 10x.


Strategy Implementation


Keyword Research and Topical Authority

  • Conducted extensive keyword research and analysis to identify a total of 25+ new related long-tail keywords and topics to target, beyond just the one main keyword the previous agency had focused on.
  • Shifted to a topical authority approach to better establish overall site relevance for a wider spectrum of searches.

Content Development

  • Created 20 new informational articles targeting our primary keywords and secondary long-tail keywords. The articles provided value to users by meeting the intent for each topic.

Technical SEO Fixes

  • Fixed over 50 404 errors on the site by adding a custom 404 page with navigation links, dramatically improving site navigation.
  • No-indexed 10+ low-value category and tag pages to prevent keyword cannibalization.


Foundation Backlinks

  • Built over 150 foundation links in the first month, focused on securing backlinks from high authority directories, profile building, and relevant local citation opportunities.

Guest Posting

  • Wrote and pitched 20+ articles to relevant sites in our niche, securing 10 guest posting opportunities on independent industry blogs.

Brand Mentions

  • Submitted 5 articles to article submission sites like Medium, focused solely on securing brand name mentions rather than backlinks.

Web 2.0 Backlinks

  • Created network of 25 Web 2.0 blogs and profiles linking back to money site targeting 100+ identified long-tail keywords.
  • Built 3 tiers of linking structures using our tier backlinking tool.


Over a period of 85 days, our comprehensive SEO strategy grew the website’s organic traffic from around 170 to over 1,200 visitors per day. The targeted technical fixes, content creation, linking building, on-page optimization, and promotion helped improve the site’s domain authority and keyword rankings rapidly. Ongoing efforts continue to build traffic and expand organic reach month over month.

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